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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-24
A. Wheel material: select the wheel material generally clean workshop with nylon, polyurethane, super synthetic rubber ( Don't usually use ordinary rubber wheel, especially black, easy to wear, easy to rub off) , three kinds of material of nylon is the most hard, pushing up the effort, but the sound is big, may hurt floor; Super synthetic rubber ( The so-called mute wheel) The soft, push up and there was no voice, also won't hurt floor; So ordinary selection for pu material, soft hard moderate. 2. Caster stents materials: usually use carbon steel galvanized is most commonly used, stainless steel stents cost on the high side, can be selected on the basis of using environment, according to the demand, we recommend regular stainless steel stents. 3. Castor color: nylon have milky white, grey, blue, including ivory using more; Polyurethane have red, gray, black sauce, ordinary choose sauce more red, gray; Super synthetic rubber as long as ordinary grey. Four. Caster wheel bearings, ball bearings, needle roller, engineering plastic bearings, light-duty castor common use ball bearing, pushing up the most effort; Needle ( Column) Bearing ordinary heavy duty castor appropriate use, bearing ability is strong, but the high friction, pushing up relatively easily; Plastic bearing ( Set) Ordinary applied to form a complete set of stainless steel stents, corrosion resistance, can wash, but with ball bearing, gap is larger, more effort. Five. Caster wheel brake: there is edge, tread brake, brake, side brake mounted on the side of the wheel; Tread brake and the brake is installed in the upper portion of the wheel; And tread brake can only put the brakes on the wheels of the radial rotation, support will also be able to turn; The brake ( Also called double brake) Wheels, a foot, radial, support to put the brakes on at the same time. Ordinary tread brake is common, but since we recommend to belt brake, adopts full brake effect is better. Above are some of the basic common sense, selected castor castor, of course, material qualitative, color and lots more. Above all, your company choose castor, we suggest that: polyurethane material selection, color red or gray; Common with ball bearing, flush with plastic sleeve; Stents with stainless steel; Belt brake with the brake. Well, wrote so many, everybody got it? If still can't figure out, you can contact our customer service QQ800045780 or telephone 86 - 021 - Small until 59993780, will wholeheartedly for you to solve all aspects castor confusion, of course, if you have the castor customization requirements, we can help you customize the castor!
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