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The stand or fall of castor should how to distinguish?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-03
The stand or fall of castor should how to distinguish? Follow the below small make up look together! Why do so many fake goods on the domestic market at present, not for business but because our own these buyers, because we are too greedy. When we quote us a price for the customers, he is always after also can be cheaper, also can be in the preferential! They think the lower the price of the product, the better, it is best to don't money to him, even at a loss to sell him down again. After obtaining castor products we offer a lot of customers, to compare the prices, other manufacturers and then select the low price. With casters, each enterprise production material is different, the price is different also, have low have high, low price bottom, reasons of high price is high, can't compare. Now the network is very developed, get online check, slightly know about product price, whether new or old pro, if will be castor price positioning is very clear, the factory can't quote high price to the customer, the price quote is too high, single pick up not down, the price is too low, the customer doubt your castor quality has a problem. Now network is developed, as long as go online to check the castor price can know. If he give you price is popular on the market prices are lower, he depend on what to make money, to give the staff salary, what do to survive? Of course everyone wants to be able to use the lowest price to buy the best of things, then castor quality should from what respect to judge? , castor, how to distinguish the quality of castor: 1, from the perspective of the stent appearance of caster, caster wheel of the surface of the steel bracket and beautiful, no burr, thickness must be uniform, thus ensuring the quality of load; 2, the framework of the castor galvanized: stents to prevent rust, common use galvanized process, check the caster wheel brackets should be galvanized uniform luster; 3, caster stents welding: steel plate welding should be smooth, there should be no leakage welding, funnelled, etc. ; The size of the 4 wheels, casters commonly used; 5, check the appearance of the castor: smooth surface, no dent, uniform color, no obvious color difference; 6, check the universal wheel overall effect: the roof rotates, every ball should can be, and the surface of the steel plate through contact force should be homogeneous, flexible rotation, no obvious pause phenomenon. 7, check castor use bearing quality: castor turns should not have obvious jump phenomenon no matter what you choose to truckle products of the company, first of all you have to its material and some of the basic knowledge to understand somewhat, then you to be able to choose the best products at wholesale prices; It is certainly not the castor with low price is bad, the trundle quality with high price is good; The most important is to choose the suitable castor, and then choose the most competitive prices, castor, good quality products.
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