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Trolley casters specifications should be how to choose?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-18
- - - - - - Universal wheel - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers casters are widely used in supermarkets, fast food industry especially the supermarket trolley is a large area of the caster. So, when choosing a supermarket trolley buses specifications, should pay attention to what issues? A, the bearing capacity of the wheel. The bearing capacity of the supermarket trolley must consider all aspects of factors, consider as there are many situations. Such as some merchandise to the heavier weight of the supermarket, and often there will be baby sitting on a cart. Calculating the bearing capacity and trolleys must be taken into account, its weight factor of safety as far as possible choose taller, to fully guarantee the safe usage of trolley. Second, the choice of the wheel size. Although the caster wheel size, the greater the push up the effort, but the supermarket shopping cart caster wheel size is not the bigger the better. In order to let customers to use when shopping cart promote the light, and can effectively control, in 3 - advised to choose a size 5 'castor. Of course in some supermarkets in recent years, there is a small cart, on the caster wheel size selection can also choose slightly smaller size. Three, the choice of the castor material. Supermarket trolley castor material can choose super polyurethane wheel or nylon, these two kinds of material are very suitable indoor ground, because of its characteristics such as high strength and mute, is suitable in hotel, hospital, etc used in high places. In addition on the choice of castor material should also consider castor stent materials, select materials enough thick caster stents, to ensure the castor with strong and durable. Four, the collocation of castor. Trolley is generally match two directional casters and wheels or two universal wheel and universal belt brake casters.
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